Alumni Stories

Leo Einstein Franciscus

Owner of Einstein and Associates

Alumni stories

Owner of Einstein and Associates

Personal Approach and Attention to Details In Designs

Personal approach and attention to detail is the main focus of Leo Einstein Franciscus’ interior designs, under Einstein and Associates’ flag. Throughout his career, 25 interior designs are recorded to be his personal designs. It might not be a big number, but for Einstein, his career isn’t about mere quantity but rather quality. In other words, maximum output, details, and originality is the gold standard to his designs.

“I apply a personal relationship to my clients. I treat them as friends – so a two-way communication is possible and is in fact easier,” he admits, not long after his latest design, The Garden Restaurant at Lippo Mal Puri, is finished.

Einstein has a trademark when he plans his designs: an ordered layout and maximizing every inch of the room to make an interesting design. Even more so, each design speaks a different message without losing the Einstein characteristics. This is what customers will soon see in the wholesome design of The Garden, as it is detailed, intriguing, and different feel at every corner.

“I want people who come to The Garden to gain a different feel and different vibe during their visit to the restaurant. For me, running a Food and Beverage business isn’t only selling food, but rather interesting experience for customers through the ambience and designs,” Einstein explains.

Einstein’s role as a designer isn’t limited to layout concept, but to the personal approach in every design to raise his client’s project quality. One of the most memorable projects Einstein’s handled is when he was entrusted to design Bottega Ristorante, a renowned Italian restaurant. Through the visual design he offered, Bottega Ristorante stepped up their menu from sandwiches to classy Italian courses.

“Up to this very day, 6 of Bottega’s restaurants are my designs. Working with the owners is extremely memorable, because Bottega gave me the freedom to visualize the restaurant from my perspective, a restaurant that not only serves classy courses but also an architectural and interior that is beautiful to see,” he continues.

Behind the designs Einstein created, Eintein admitted that he was a lot inspired by his studies at UPH. “I think it is especially because my lecturers are practitioners. They inspire me to think out of the box, try different approach, and live up to challenges. UPH also helps me develop my leadership skills and it is very useful in my career,” he added.

After working for more or less 7 years with Einstein and Associates, Einstein concluded that every designer needs to be willing to explore and observe like he does, through travelling, looking at references and the knowledge he gained from university as a foundation.