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Christian Kustedi

CEO and Co-founder

Alumni stories
Desain Komunikasi Visual
CEO and Co-founder

Determination To Help Middle Class Community Through is an e-commerce industry that started as an e-commerce for house appliances. Today, it has transformed into the biggest reseller community in Indonesia. The business model for is rather practical and easy – in fact, it’s so easy that thousands of housewives, office employees, and shop owners are able to start their business. Starting a technology-based business is the idea brought up by Christian Kustedi, a graduate from UPH’s Visual Communication Design cohort 2004. His determination to be of a larger impact pushes Chris to initiate on November 2014.

“’s target market is predominantly the middle-class Indonesians who wanted an extra income. But it doesn't stop there – brands, factories, or traders that wanted to sell their products can also stop by and build their page. Product launching at a national scale can be money consuming, so we provide an alternative with one hundred thousand sellers ready to sell and distribute these products nationwide,” Chris explains.

Dusdusan’s users are moms from the age of 25 to 45 years old with economy class C and D. Chris plans to enlarge to class C and B market with premium products, being Happy call’s online distributor as an example. Furthermore, there will be a strategic partnership to look out for next year, too.

“Just like building a house – we need a foundation to grow unique products that has more value. This is why I wanted to partner with this group as top priority,” Chris states.

More expansion in principles expansion is also to be done by dusdusan next year. “So those who puts their products on our line can check their selling real-time – which city, top contributors, and many more. These information will be stored to seller’s big data,” Chris says.

Chris’ success in building is can’t be separated from Kamarupa, a branding service business Chris built with two colleague in 2009. Now, Kamarupa has evolved into a one-stop creative solution for integrated branding, graphic design, website design, as well as architectural and interior design. It’s 10 years experience in branding and interior has made Kamarupa trustworthy to help build big brands such as L’OREAL, OCBC NISP, Sinar Himalaya, MULTIKON, and STEVEN SHELL.

“As a service-based company, Kamarupa has add and subtract factors. What I tried with Dusdusan comes through the idea that I wanted a multiplication factor in my business, one product that could be sold for 1.000 time and even 1.000.000 times,” Chris says.

Although Chris is now working outside of the field he’s studied at college, the challenge flourished into his success today. Chris further admits to have learnt a lot of things from college, including strategic partnership, money management and taxation, to choosing, building, and maintaining core team.

From his story, Chris wants to share a message for DKV students at UPH. “When we start a business, networking is important. Your friend could be your partner. So make friends as much as you can, from different classes, different cohorts, different majors. In the business world, age is not important – but value is,” Chris closes.