Alumni Stories

Ivan Kusumo

Marketing Research Specialist at PT Link Net Tbk

Alumni stories
Electrical Engineering
Marketing Research Specialist at PT Link Net Tbk

Being A Person Of Integrity

University doesn’t only equip us with theory, but also how to build your character and integrity. These things are the things Ivan Kusumo during his university studies, UPH’s Electrical Engineering alumni cohort 2014. At least 3 important values are what Ivan learnt in college: integrity, responsibility, and caring towards others.

“These three things are important for whoever and wherever they work. UPH has impart them indirectly to me,” Ivan says.

Ivan has further had the opportunity to experience a student exchange program to Rumania for five months that was held by Erasmus Mundus, who partnered with UPH. During that time, Ivan learnt a lot of things including the European education system and lifestyle. After coming back from Rumania, Ivan worked as PT. First Media Tbk’s Marketing Research Specialist. Ivan was grateful to have the opportunity to study at UPH.

“I was part of Electrical Engineering Student’s Association, where I had the opportunity to learn to troubleshoot problems effectively. There were challenges such as leading events with the limited human resources available,” he says.

The number of people in every batch may not be as much as other major, but this in the strength to Electrical Engineering. Ivan admits that this affects the stronger relationship he’s had with his lecturers, thus more in-depth knowledge than the ones he’s had in class. In the future, Ivan plans to run his own business – both in e-commerce and electrical engineering.

At the end of the meeting, Ivan advised his juniors to keep learning and get ready to work hard. “At university, especially in UPH, you already have facilities to support you. But in order to succeed, you’ll have to practice the skills you’ve gained in university,” he closes.