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Pradhana Harsaputera Sidharta

Managing Director at Magnus Digital Agency & Consultancy

Alumni stories
Ilmu Komunikasi
Managing Director at Magnus Digital Agency & Consultancy

Resilience and Humility, Two Important Values Pradhana Harsaputera, Managing Director of Magnus Digital Holds Throughout His Career

“I believe that as human beings we learn the most from our failures. Thus, don't be afraid to fail when suggesting ideas. Instead, we have to be resilient in order to produce the best. And of course, being humble also adds to our value too! We should not give in. But rather, we should help those who needed our help,” Pradhana confidently delivers when asked about the values he holds during his university and career.

As a Managing Director to Magnus Digital Agency & Consultancy, perseverance and humility are the two values Pradhana Harsaputera, UPH's Communication Sciences alumni cohort 2005 hold close to his heart. With the responsibility he carried, he has got to be on his A gam 24/7, including understanding how digital marketing optimizations and how brand activation works, being an active listener to better understand the clients' needs, as well as be adaptive to new strategies and techniques in the digital world. It is no surprise to him that the digital updates tomorrow are different from today – every businessman had to adapt and change to selling their products online, especially with the uncertainties such as the pandemic bring.

Pradhana believes that education became a key pillar in the fast-changing era. Education, he proposed, is a capital for one to practice in the professional world, especially regarding values, theories, and ethics of running a business. Based on that belief, Pradhana who chooses to work his undergrad at UPH admits that one of the most memorable moments he's had at UPH was competing with fellow students to reach their best grades. As a person, he is challenged to be able to both understand concepts taught in class as well as create the best ideas to make UPH proud.

For fellow students who are now learning online, Pradhana hopes that you will determine your goal at the beginning of the semester and update regularly if you are on track, to adjust yourself to make a good time-schedule (including a daily, weekly, and time-blocking schedule) so you'll know which you should prioritize, make your study room as comfortable as you can to support your online learning, actively participate in your online classes – including forming communities and ask questions, and don't forget to be ready to fail and share your ideas because that is when you'll gain knowledge.