Alumni Stories

Aulia Mahariza

President of PT. Dyandra Global Edutainment & Founder of The Creative Producing Company (TMC)

Alumni stories
Electrical Engineering

President of PT. Dyandra Global Edutainment & Founder of The Creative Producing Company (TMC)

To do Something New is Always Exciting

Who says an electrical engineer has to do serious jobs? Aulia Mahariza, UPH’s Electrical Engineering graduate cohort 1999 is successful not in through engineering, but rather creative industry. Aulia has been doing his event, advertisement, and film business in the creative industry for 15 years. The long road drives Aulia to the opportunity of becoming the Director of Ceremony, delegating Indonesia Asian Para Games Organizing Committee (INAPGOC) at Asian Paragames 2018. This has also been his greatest contribution by far, he admits.

“I’m part of history in the making by taking care of, arranging, and even to run Asian Paragames’ Opening dan Closing Ceremony – with other team members, of course! When Wisnutama is present at Asian Games, there’s me at Asian Paragames!” he says with pride.

In running his business in the creative industry, a lot of obstacle is present in his course; the most challenging is to always be on his niche in regards to current development. But rather than being discouraged, Aulia has kept her spirits high in that tall order. He is always at the lookout for references, watch movies, and even to travel. In the future, Aulia hoped to expand his business capacities into his passion: culinary. To him, doing something new is always enticing.

Other than Asian Para Games, a few other projects are a huge hit in his hands, namely Lutung Kasarung Musical’s Producer (and Didi Petet as director), 7 movies’ producer and executive producer (alongside of Rudi Soedjarwo), and Synchronize Festival’s pioneer. These events inevitably require creativity and bold calculations.

“I was extremely lucky to be admitted into UPH. There were a lot I gain and later supported my work. From the courses in electrical engineering I benefit from the keen sense of calculation and logical thinking. Other than that, the peaceful environment during the 1998/1999 riot has been helpful, too,” he recalls. Therefore, he hopes that her juniors at UPH could be more creative as well as socialize as much as they can because Aulia believes it will be useful for their future.