Alumni Stories

Joan Christina Pollatu

Nursing Development & Clinical Operations Division Head, Siloam Hospitals MRCCC Semanggi

Alumni stories
Nursing Development & Clinical Operations Division Head, Siloam Hospitals MRCCC Semanggi

Working Amid Classes Does Not Deter Determination

Before going to UPH’s Faculty of Nursing, Joan works as a nurse at Emergency department of Siloam Hospitals Lippo Village since January 2000. In 2008, Joan was given the opportunity to pursue higher education at UPH’s School of Nursing (which has been changed into UPH’s Faculty of Nursing) by Siloam Hospitals Lippo Village’s full scholarship. Being a student after so long, especially in between work hours is not an easy responsibility for Joan, but being a student (and now an Alumni) is something to be proud of. Joan believes that the complete facilities UPH Faculty of Nursing offers made studying more bearable. Resources such as paperback books and online repository accessible for students made it so much easier for Joan to finish the insurmountable amount of paperwork.

Being the second generation of UPH’s nursing, a lot of her lecturers are Australian and Canadian, thus students including Joan herself is encouraged to actively practice English, especially during lectures. This is further pushed by FoN UPH’s education method that conditioned students to actively search for additional information about the courses taught. Albeit having to work and take classes, Joan is grateful that she is still able to get good grades.

“It is certainly the lecturer’s support throughout every step of the process,” Joan recalled. Thanks to academic provision as well as her career experience, now Joan is entrusted to be Siloam Hospitals MRCCC Semanggi’s Head Division of Nusing Development & Clinical Operations. Joan hopes that UPH’s Faculty of Nursing soon opens a master’s degree for nursing. “If UPH opens a master’s degree for nurses in the future, I’ll definitely be the first few people to enroll and wear my graduation apparel with pride for the third time,” Joan closes.