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Nathania Tifara

Co-Founder of Guru Bumi

Alumni stories
Desain Komunikasi Visual
Co-Founder of Guru Bumi

Disability Didn't Disable Her To Contribute For Indonesia

When you meet Nathania Tifara, or is known as Thania by her friends, she’ll tell you that UPH is the place where her character is shaped, her passion formed, and the place which is also her home. The people at UPH are like family to her, a family filled with warmth and acceptance. Nathania Tifara is UPH Visual Communication Designs alumni cohort 2007. In the beginning, Thania questioned her passion, which through this major is shaped to be a graphic designer.

“I can’t really imagine the future. I didn’t really know my passion, especially with my limitations in hearing. I fear that I can’t absorb as much as my friends who’s hearing are perfect. Will my lecturers and friends be able to accept my limitation? My world was plain and full of curiosity and questions,” Thania recalled. After going into college, her 4 years journey as an undergraduate slowly opens her perspective. Slowly but surely, her capacity is enlarged as her passion is refined. She slowly becomes more confident in herself. “I’m really grateful that my lecturers and friends are willing to understand and help me. I am no longer afraid of my hearing limitations. With their help to explain and direct, I found out that I loved designing for kids. And that’s where I find my passion, actually. I learned that I wanted to contribute to Indonesia with my creations, which was to create an education medium for kids. I want their learning process to be easier and fun,” she admits.

As of right now, Guru Bumi, a company Thania initiated alongside of her partner has seen positive progress. Guru Bumi has in fact develops an educational product or games creator according to the teaching needs in Indonesia for children with disabilities. Thania hopes that through Guru Bumi that she is able to give a bigger impact for Indonesia.