Alumni Stories

Alvin Jufitrick

Director for UOB Asset Management Indonesia

Alumni stories
Director for UOB Asset Management Indonesia

Alvin Jufitrick, Alumnus to UPH Architecture 2004, Strives to Live A Life of Integrity and Excellence

Integrity and spirit of excellence are the two work ethics that Alvin Jufitrick, UPH Architecture Alumni cohort 2004, always prioritize in his career as one of the directors of UOB Asset Management Indonesia. In responsibilities that are entrusted to him, especially in the distribution and development of UOB asset management investment products, Alvin is required to plan and pay extra attention to the development of overseas distribution, digital partnerships and alternative investment – ​​as these three areas intersect directly with the development of financial literacy and investment in Indonesia. Alvin believes that integrity and excellence does not only ​​apply in his career, but also in living life outside work. For him, these two values ​​are further reflected in the decision he make, as it will impact everyone around him. “In my opinion, being consistent in what I say and what I do both in work and daily life is very important. I strive to be an example for my family and colleagues and it has to start with the life I live. Whether we realize it or not, every decision we make will have an impact on others, so we have to be really careful in what we say and do,” Alvin explains. No doubt, education also plays an important role in Alvin's life. Alvin admits that choosing UPH for his undergraduate degree was the right thing to do. UPH's reputation, facilities, and student organization experiences that he's had at UPH has become stepping stones for his career today. “UPH has given me pleasant memories to rekindle, especially UPH Festival and faculty events - it was all very festive and lively indeed! Yet, the most memorable experience I've had during my studies was actually running to be the senate chairman in the 2006. I was given the privilege to become vice chairman of the Student Representative Council (MPM-UPH) and it has given me the skills I needed to organize and work with people of different background and beliefs," Alvin closes.