Alumni Stories

Irene Ursula

Founder of BeautyHaul, Somethinc & GlowInc Potion

Alumni stories

Founder of BeautyHaul, Somethinc & GlowInc Potion

UPH, A Promising and Memorable University

"Education is very important for me because it has helped me to shape my character and mindset as well as enhance soft skills. These three are very useful in pursuing one's career," Irene Ursula, UPH's Accounting Alumni explains. During her education at UPH, Irene admitted that she's gained more than a handful of valuable lessons beyond academic, but also from a character and personality perspective. Irene's journey at UPH has also helped her develop the skills and competencies needed in her career today.
The trials Irene's faced has allowed her to taste victory. If you've heard of Beautyhaul, Somethinc & Glowinc Potion, you have just witnessed Irene's masterpiece. PT BEAUTE HAUL INDONESIA, one-stop beauty solution for local and international buyers, is Indonesia's leading beauty products renowned in various e-commerce platforms. Irene is still active in handling these products' branding and concept & product development sections. Her persistence has resulted in her ability to organize and lead a team and providing education for those who embark on the journey with her.
In facing the challenges, Irene sticks to a few core values ​: Collaboration, Responsibility, Eccentric, Agility, Toughness & Efficiency. These values started as Irene studies at UPH. “To be very honest with you, I am really inspired by Mr. Mochtar Riady. Back in the days, he would gave speeches about how we should dare to think about big things and be courageous to fight for the dreams we have within us," says Irene.
For Irene, UPH has become a central piece that has grown her to be where she is today. Irene hopes that UPH would continue to educate and shape its students to grow holistically as they grow to be future leaders. “UPH is a very great place for you to study, learn & play at the same time,” – Irene Ursula.