Alumni Stories

Komjen. Pol. Drs. Arief Sulistyanto, M.Si.

Kepala Badan Pemelihara Keamanan Polisi Republik Indonesia (Kabaharkam Polri)

Alumni stories
Doktor Hukum
Kepala Badan Pemelihara Keamanan Polisi Republik Indonesia (Kabaharkam Polri)

Standing for the Nation, Upholding Justice in the Republic of Indonesia

Commissioner General of Police Arief Sulistyanto is highly regarded for his integrity in upholding justice for the nation. He is recognized for his accomplishments in developing a transparent and equitable organization, as well as enhancing the Human Resources (HR) system within the Indonesian National Police (Polri). His dedication and achievements in bringing about changes within Polri are also documented in the books titled "The Arief Effect 1", "The Arief Effect 2", and "Salam Zero".

"When it came to choosing my career path, I had various options. I was accepted into multiple higher education institutions after my high school graduation. However, I ultimately decided to serve the country by pursuing education at the Indonesian Armed Forces Academy (AKABRI), and I graduated in 1987," expressed Comr. Gen. Arief.

To this day, Arief has held the position of Head of the Police Security Maintenance Agency of the Republic of Indonesia (Kabaharkam Polri). He consistently upholds the principle of being a leader who sets an example and encourages those around him to strive for goodness. He believes that his presence should embody the existing vision and bring benefits to the organization and society.

In addition to his dedication to the police institution, Arief is also actively involved in teaching, specifically as a legal enforcement researcher. Throughout his career, he has continuously researched the issues within Polri and seeks solutions. According to him, knowledge in the field of law plays a crucial role in finding appropriate solutions to enhance Polri's performance.

Not stopping there, Arief's commitment to advancing the legal field is further demonstrated by his decision to pursue a doctoral degree in Law at Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH). Arief stated that choosing UPH was the right step for him to acquire excellent quality education and enhance his competency.

"Throughout my career as a researcher, I have encountered numerous problems, challenges, and irregularities that truly require legal solutions. I believe that formulating these solutions through research studies is beneficial for law enforcement. This is what motivates me to continue my education in the Doctoral Law Program at UPH," expressed Arief.

Arief demonstrated a strong motivation for learning as he remained enthusiastic even when the study process shifted to online during the pandemic. He added that this was also due to UPH's ability to rapidly adapt.

"The swift and effective transition of UPH from offline to online learning facilitated our learning process as students. UPH has proven its commitment to quality education even in challenging situations. Additionally, UPH provides a supportive curriculum and learning environment. This demonstrates UPH's readiness to produce outstanding professionals," he stated.

In the future, Arief is dedicated to making a significant impact on the nation and the country. Drawing from his experiences, he also advises the younger generation to always appreciate the educational process they undergo. According to him, learning is an ongoing journey because there is always much more to discover and learn.

"Education must be prioritized because the more people learn, the more knowledgeable they become. The more knowledgeable our people are, the more civilized our nation will be. That is one of the fundamental purposes of education: to cultivate our nation's civilization so that we can embody the second principle of Pancasila, which is a Just and Civilized Humanity," said Arief.