Alumni Stories

Chandra Wijaya

Regional Sales Director at Cummins Asia Pasific

Alumni stories
Teknik Industri
Regional Sales Director at Cummins Asia Pasific

Responsibility Begins With Me

“For me, education is very important; like a ticket to success. The right response to education will take us one step ahead to achieve success,” explains Chandra Wijaya, alumnus to UPH UPH's Industrial Engineering cohort 1999 and Masters of Management cohort 2003. Comprehensive curriculum, complete supporting facilities and broad networking possibility are the grounding reasons Chandra chose UPH for his higher education. During his studies at UPH, Chandra admits to be very grateful to have been equipped with not only academic knowledge, but also values, friendship, and student organizational experiences. These three combined has sharpened his leadership skills to who he is today. Chandra is currently entrusted to be Cummins Asia Pacific's Regional Sales Director. Based in Singapore, Chandra is assigned to leading a team focused on marketing in the Southeast Asia and South Asia region. Especially with a company that provides machines, components, large tools and equipment needed in the engineering industry, integrity and teamwork are crucial to Chandra's work ethics. Chandra's experiences in the past has contributed to his achievements today. He believes that in order to be entrusted with bigger responsibilities, he has to learn through every challenge he's face. "Responsibility begins with me," Chandra emphasizes.