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Mariska Adriana

Chief Marketing Officer at Klikdaily

Alumni stories
Desain Produk
Chief Marketing Officer at Klikdaily

Key Values ​From Education that Leads to Success

For Mariska Adriana, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Klikdaily, a start-up partnered with more than 300 national and local brands, choosing to study at UPH is one of the best life decisions she's made. As alumnus to UPH's Product Design cohort 2008, Mariska is responsible for overseeing Klikdaily's marketing, business, development, and merchandising - four biggest departments engaged in online wholesale and micro retail. As a leader, Mariska aims to always give her best in carrying out her responsibilities. “I always think of giving the best, both in work and all else, because of my family. Yet, I also want to do everything for God. In all the hard work that I do, I need God's presence to be with me," Mariska explains.

Throughout her career, Mariska has always held integrity, perseverance, innovation and giving her best. These values ​​are the result of the experience and education she's received at UPH. Mariska realizes that these values, as well as higher education in itself, is important in shaping her before she starts her career. “Education is very important. In fact, my mindset is set through those 4 years experience. And although I work in a different field compared to my background education, the lectures I received taught me the work ethic, skills, and networking I needed today,” Mariska further explain.

To top it all off, Mariska shares the most memorable experience she's had at UPH. “In Product Design, we often work in workshops. Both men and women alike, we are expected to be proficient in using heavy equipments. We have to toughen up and be accountable for those equipments,” she says, a light laugh accompanies her story.

In the future, Mariska hopes that UPH will keep on flourishing, innovating, and able to maintain integrity that shapes its graduate to be future leaders.