Alumni Stories

Kenneth Li

Managing Partner at MDI Ventures Singapore

Alumni stories
Managing Partner at MDI Ventures Singapore

UPH, Shaping Future Leaders Through Student Organization Experiences

“During my education at UPH, one of the most memorable experience was the opportunity to do internships. I learn to apply the knowledge I learnt in-class as well as grow in areas that I still need to develop,” says Kenneth Li, alumnus to UPH's Management cohort 2008. Aside of his internships, Kenneth has further gained life-chaning experience during his studies at UPH. Not only did Kenneth learn from lecturers who are competent in their respective field, he is also equipped with values from organizational experiences and building relationships with colleagues from different majors.

Being equipped with such experience has shaped Kenneth and prepared him to be the Managing Partner of MDI Ventures Singapore, a venture capital company that has invested in 15 countries and a total of 10 billion rupiahs to be managed. Kenneth is responsible to raise these funds from investors, which will then be used as investments in the technology sector. He must ensure that the investments his company's received can provide a positive return for his investors.

Kenneth's career journey have also helped him discover a value he holds close to his heart: "do not waste the trust you has been given. We must commit to always give the best." For Kenneth, building trust is crucial in order for us to reach success. When someone is trust-worthy, they will always survive no matter the challenge, the pressure, or competitors.

Being able to stand as a leader is not without failure. It is in fact filled with twists and turns. “Don't be afraid to fail. Rather, use it as motivation to get back up and work towards success," he advises. "I believe that UPH is an international campus that will continue to nurture global leaders," Kenneth closes.