Alumni Stories

Rex Andrew Djohan

Founder of Ölöro Golf

Alumni stories
Founder of Ölöro Golf

Representing UPH in Golf Leagues Then, A Succesful Golf Sports-wear Entrepreneur Now

“There are a lot of things that gives UPH the vantage point as a university: curriculum, facilities, network prospects, and the values UPH taught me. Never would I exchange the experience I've had at UPH,” says Rex Andrew Djohan enthusiastically. As UPH's Faculty of Law alumnus cohort 2011, Andrew is now even more convinced that the values UPH ingrained to its students is an important asset to have as one enters their career. And it was UPH that equipped Andrew with practical knowledge and foundational values that have trained him to have a critical, creative, and careful mindset before finally taking decisions. Furthermore, UPH has also allowed Andrew to grow through student activities and organizations that has sharpened his talent. "One of most the unforgettable experience I've had at UPH was when I had the opportunity to represent our campus at Liga Mahasiswa, a sports competition especially designed for students from different universities to compete. I represent UPH at Golf and UPH managed to get 2nd place for two years in a row," Andrew reminisced. Based on his experience, Andrew started a business and it has grown in number since it first started. Ölöro Golf sport-wear, so it is known amongst golfers, is a brand that produces golf apparel and accessories. To date, Ölöro has opened 40 online and offline stores combined, taking care of its multinational and national golf communities' needs. It has competed with foreign brands and prove its quality in the international market. Getting to where he is today alongside of Ölöro is no easy journey. “The result we get won't lie: when we work hard, persevere, dedicate, and focus on our goals, we will get what we work for,“ Andrew explains. And at the end of the day, Andrew hopes that UPH will remain consistent in producing impactful graduates in the future.