Alumni Stories

Yussy Santoso

Human Resource Director at Mulia Group

Alumni stories
Human Resource Director at Mulia Group

Living Life Lessons as One Lives

“Life is a learning journey”, says Yussy Santoso, alumnus to UPH's Master of Management. "Don't stop learning, even when you've finally graduated from university. Because it is essential for everyone to develop and experience life", Yussy proceeds. This is in fact one of the many keys to Yussy's success in his professional career, especially because he has been entrusted to be Mulia Group's Human Capital Director since the age of 38 years old. Yussy is very grateful of the career development he experiences in organizational development and human resources. He admits to have owed this to his family's support, including his late father, mother, and his beloved wife. Furthermore, Yussy also admits to have been forged by his ex-supervisors as they have provided him with not only guidance, but also opportunities for development. "No matter where you are right now, respect your position by continuing to bring development and change. Worry when your position and compensation increases, yet the accountability and results you provide remain the same," Yussy advises. "And what is also important is upholding integrity and openness to new things. These two values will help you survive and remain competitive in whatever industry you're in," Yussy continues. Yussy believes there are always new things that he can learn from the people he met and experience he faced, including the people and experiences he's gain while at UPH. He further emphasize on the importance of building relationships with others because it adds valuable lessons that shaped him as much as it brings value to life. Yussy hopes that UPH could become a leading university in improving the quality of education in Indonesia. Apart from all that, Mr. Yussy Santoso also hopes that he can become a teacher at UPH, and contribute to building human resources in Indonesia, sharing experiences with young people, so that they can prepare themselves early and face competition in the future.