Alumni Stories

Maya Devi

Commercial & Supply Chain Director for PT. Tereos FKS Indonesia

Alumni stories
Teknologi Pangan
Commercial & Supply Chain Director for PT. Tereos FKS Indonesia

Maximize Every Opportunity, Reaching God's Calling in Life

“Honestly speaking, I'm not the type of person to set too many targets for myself in terms of my career development. However, when an opportunity comes my way, I take the most out of it and do my best. If you tell me that I'd be entrusted to lead a company with a US$180 million revenue 10 years ago, I wouldn't believe you!” Maya Devi says, a light laugh accompanies her story. Maya, alumnus to UPH Food Technology cohort 2005 is currently working for PT. Tereos FKS Indonesia (TFI), a company engaged in manufacturing starch and sweeteners (raw materials for the food and beverage industry, paper, animal feed, etc). Tereos FKS Indonesia is the only company with the the largest starch and sweetener capacity in Indonesia, reaching more than 450,000 MT of starch milling capacity per year and contributing to around 30% of Indonesia's starch demand. It is at TFI Maya provides direction for the company's sales strategy and purchasing raw materials' decision. Not only appointed as TFI's Commercial and Supply Chain Director, Maya is representing the shareholders alongside of its president directors. Working under such spotlight was indeed an uphill battle. Yet, Maya finds strength and support within the warm relationship of her family. Furthermore, the education she's received at UPH has given her valuable lessons and lifetime experiences to utilize in her career today. One of the many opportunities that stood out in her memory was when she supervises Teacher's College students, mentoring fellow students from all across Indonesia. This is why Maya always say to her juniors “enjoy your time at university and don't just spend time taking classes. Participate in other student organization activities and build friendships with friends across majors. I promise you that these experience and friendship will be useful for your career later on." Maya believes that God leads every part of her life journey. Through every up and down, it was God who supplies her with strength, perseverance, and integrity. "Persevere and do your best when you are facing your trials! Behind every trial, there is a beautiful ending waiting for us," Maya closes.