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Hendra Yuniarto

Chief Marketing Officer of KFC Indonesia

Alumni stories
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Chief Marketing Officer of KFC Indonesia

UPH, Home of Future Leaders

"UPH is home for future generations who are not only equipped with practical knowledge, but also resilient in facing career challenges," says Hendra Yuniarto, UPH's Information System Alumnus cohort 2000. Education quality, service, and facilities are some of the many reasons that made Hendra choose UPH as a place to study, especially when it comes to experience, education, and character building. For Hendra, nothing will ever replace the values ​​he's gained during his education at UPH as these values broadened his horizon, molds his mindset and creativity, as well as trains his ability to design strategies.

Armed with values and countless ups and downs, Hendra is now entrusted to be KFC Indonesia's Chief Marketing Officer. Along with his team, Hendra is fully responsible for organizing promotions and innovate new product developments. If you've heard of Tacobell and KFC Naughty by Nature in recent years, well, you're actually witnessing Hendra's masterpiece for PT Fast Food Indonesia! Sure, creating impactful marketing strategies for a brand like KFC is no easy responsibility. With 748 outlets in 33 provinces across Indonesia, Hendra and his team had to be able to expand their network and industry reach. "I do every responsibility with all my heart, as if I'm doing it for God," Hendra answers when asked about one foundational value he holds in his career. Hendra believes that every thing that is entrusted to him is a form of worship, thus requires the best out of him time to time again. Hendra is also grateful for the presence of his beloved family. They have become a great encouragement for him to go through every challenge in life. Hendra admits to also feel a heartwarming experience at UPH. UPH did not only provided him with meaningful experience, but also education and a platform that has shaped him to be who he is today. “Studying does not guarantee success. But if you are willing enough to be formed within the process of education, then you will have the provision to achieve success" Hendra closes.