Alumni Stories

Evan Ongko

Deputy Division Head of PT Indomobil Finance Indonesia

Alumni stories
Deputy Division Head of PT Indomobil Finance Indonesia

Evan Ongko - Being Part of UPH's Alumni is a Delight

Leading and being responsible for 242 company branches' sales target, especially when these branches are spread across 25 areas in Indonesia, is indeed a challenging order for anyone including Evan Sugiarto Ongkowidjojo, UPH's Management alumni cohort 2005, who is now entrusted to be PT Indomobil Finance Indonesia's Deputy Division Head, a company engaged in commercial vehicle, heavy equipment, property and micro financing services business. Evan is predominantly in charge of the company's policy design, strategy, programs, process improvement, and human resource development. Yet, in the midst of the ever-present challenge, Evan is not only able to thrive, but also gave birth to new innovations. All these has reaffirm Evan's work ethics, including integrity, and walk with God. Evan's career today has reminded Evan the things ​​he's learnt during his education at UPH. "Education at UPH provides a lot of case studies for me to learn from. I only realize it now that so that those case studies are actually very relevant to actual business conditions," Evan explains. For Evan, formal education is important as it infleunces his framework when it comes to decision making as much as it provided him with fundamental knowledge. With all that is said and done, all of these knowledge combined has become useful provision in Evan's professional life. Evan's achievement today is not separated from the support from those who are closest to him. In fact, he is grateful to have very supportive working environment, family, his colleagues, and also UPH. Evan hopes that UPH will keep providing holistic learning and produce life-changing future leaders. "Be Proud. UPH graduates are proven to be highly respected by all Indonesian companies” – Evan Ongko.