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Lioe Yanto

Vice President of Information Technology at MODENA

Alumni stories
Teknik Informatika
Vice President of Information Technology at MODENA

Lioe Yanto - UPH, The Answer to My Prayer

“UPH was the answer to my prayer when I sat in highschool. I believed that UPH is the best choice and I should attend attend UPH if I want to excel in my career. I can testify to you now that UPH has prepared me to uphold truth as my core value as I continuously aim to make an impact in the marketplace,” says Lioe Yanto, UPH's Informatics Alumni cohort 2001. For Yanto, UPH has always been his dream campus, a place that he ever so hoped for to be able to attend and graduate from. Not only has UPH provide Yanto with academic knowledge, UPH has further shaped his identity, sharpened his character, and allows him to meet a diverse set of friends. "UPH has taught me a lot of values to live by. In fact, I still uphold them alongside of the career God has entrusted me with. And if you live by the truth, it will give you so much positive increase in your career," Yanto affirms. Currently, Yanto is entrusted to serve as Modena's Vice President of information Technology, one of the first cooking equipment manufacturers originated in Emilia Romagna, Italy – a region known for its industrialism and design, home to well-known car and consumer appliance brands. MODENA has also invested in R&D and product design for various product categories. As the VP of Information Technology, Yanto is responsible for a sustainable digital transformation journey to support the company's business and operational needs, which requires him to build and transform the organization as it continues to adapt to the digitalization as well as equip MODENA to grow and expand business-wise. In facing these challenges, Yanto always adhere to God, live with integrity and honesty, dare to step out of comfort zone, and gave his best in every opportunity. The journey that Yanto has gone through so far has only made him realize that every opportunity is a chance to create a beautiful story with God. "This life is an opportunity for us to be able to maximize our potential and talents. We are called to be a blessing and an impact for those areound us, both our families and others." And when Yanto looks at his life journey, he always counts UPH twice: an answer to his prayer, a blessing in disguise.