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Verlin Vitriana

Director at PT Berkat Cemerlang Indonesia, Director at Yayasan Global Maju Bersama

Alumni stories
Director at PT Berkat Cemerlang Indonesia, Director at Yayasan Global Maju Bersama

Standing As A Leader, Verlin Vitriana is Shaped Through Her Experience at UPH

Presenting your research findings in front of the class may not be something that many people enjoy. But not for Verlin Vitriana, UPH's Management Alumni cohort 2009. The habit of presenting in front of a group setting has actually become one of the most unforgettable experience during her studies at UPH. Verlin even admits, in-class presentations like this has trained her mentality, sharpened her to be more assertive, and be brave when she has tospeak in front of an audience. Furthermore, Verlin also believes that her lecturers played an important role in providing her with practical knowledge and lessons. Every experience has given Verlin the opportunity to grow wiser, especially in the decision-making role she is entrusted with today.

Currently, Verlin is the Director to PT Berkat Cemerlang Indonesia, a coloring agent company for products such as plastic, paint, ink, paper, rubber, and textile. Verlin plays a central role in determining the company's direction and is also responsible for every of the company's production. And apart from her role at PT Berkat Cemerlang, Verlin is also entrusted to be Global Maju Bersama Foundation's Director, a language course that offers Mandarin, English, and Indonesian language education programs. In her role at Global Maju Bersama, Verlin aims to provide training for children with special needs, including autism, down syndrome, celebral palsy, and many more. Verlin's responsibility has required her to be agile and responsible. Not only did she have to divide her time equally, she also had to meet the company's targets. Yet, in in between of these ever-present challenge, Verlin stands with integrity. Integrity has helped Verlin carry out every responsibility with excellence and thrive.

When Verlin looked back at her university experience, Verlin remembered how she used to be just a student who enjoyed presenting papers in-class. And today, God has used her interest to be who she is today: as a leader and as a rolemodel