Alumni Stories

Gihon Y. Lohanda

Indonesian Music Producer, Guitarist, and Director for PT Seniman Senang Selalu

Alumni stories
Conservatory Of Music
Indonesian Music Producer, Guitarist, and Director for PT Seniman Senang Selalu

Good Reputation Above Wealth

For Gihon Yabessy Lohanda, UPH's Conservatory of Music Alumni cohort 2003, making his life's calling as a constant motivation to reach the best version of himself is something he pursues on a day to day basis. Even from such a young age, Gihon believed that God has established his steps in the music industry. Later on in his early adulthood, Gihon further chose UPH to study and enhance his knowledge. He believes that UPH is one of the most competent universities when it comes to music education. “I like to think myself as a soldier sometimes, and whatever mission given unto me is considered something I need accomplish”, says Gihon. As any good musician would say, working in the industry is never an easy challenge to take on. And to be able to graduate on time, Gihon had to make every effort due to financial constraints he experienced in his final semester. Thankfully, Gihon have had support from faculty members and leaders who continues to support him in order for him to finish his course on time.

Deciding on music as a career was the beginning of Gihon's journey. As years went by, challenge after challenge came by. “As a musician, I am rather under-trained when it comes to management, accounting, financial skills, and things related to marketing. I have to learn things that are not my comfort zone, apart from also having to continuously work on my art,” Gihon explains. And in midst of all these challenges, it is life's calling that always motivates Gihon to keep creating music for a better tomorrow. Through this calling, Gihon has been entrusted to work with a group of talented musicians atof PT Seniman Senang Selalu, a company that music provides music education, music production and also performing entertainment.

Last but certainly not least, Gihon believes that “a good name is more valuable than money/wealth”. Being accountable for whatever he does, alongside of humility, willingness to learn, and respect for everyone regardless of their background is what made Gihon who he is today.