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Wella Christie

CMO & Founder PT Eyelovin Cantika Indonesia

Alumni stories
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CMO & Founder PT Eyelovin Cantika Indonesia

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The opportunity to become a radio announcer and learn things about radio announcing has become one of the stepping stones for Wella Christie, Alumnus to UPH's Applied Communication Science cohort 2009, Chief Marketing Officer & Founder of PT Eyelovin Cantika Indonesia, the first contact lense marketplace in Indonesia. Established in 2009, Eyelovin is now one of the most trusted contact lens store in Indonesia.

During her studies at UPH, the presence of qualified lecturers played an important role in sharpening and teaching Wella to explore and develop her potential and abilities. Furthermore, the complete campus facilities UPH provides for its students has pushed Wella to be creative, if not the presence of seniors who provide direction and input. All these factors combined has allowed Wella to maximize her capacity and pushed her to use every opportunity that she finds at UPH. This is why Wella always say "don't be afraid to explore and join the activities available at campus! These activities allows us to meet different people from different backgrounds. And who knows, maybe they will help us open business opportunities in the future".

Wella's journey at UPH did not only make her recognize the value of higher education, but also help her understand the value of teamwork, discipline, and honesty. Despite the challenges Wella faced today, the knowledge UPH equipped her has become a very useful provision, especially in envisioning plans for her company as well as processing and executing market plans in order to reach a wider range of customers. In pursuing her career, Wella admits that her family is the main reason she does everything with passion and joy and she hopes that you do too!