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Dennis Oswald Tannos

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Introducing Indonesian Comfort Food Abroad, Dennis Oswald Tannos Develops

Dennis Oswald Tannos, alumnus to UPH Informatics cohort 2008, Founder and CEO of Galada, has succeeded in serving Indonesian food in ready-to-eat packages. Galada has been tried by customers in more than 40 cities in Indonesia in more than 6 countries around the world as its menus are easy to serve anytime anywhere. Dennis' successful journey started from his regular errands of sharing food with neighbors and friends. From there, Dennis received meaningful inputs on the flavor as well as the idea to make his home-cook food a solution for those who have limited cooking skills or time.

“It all started from neighbors and close friends: my wife and I have always loved sharing home-cook food. Not long after, our neighbors started ordering our food professionally to share with their extended family. That's when my wife and I started seeing the need to innovate our packaging so that everyone can enjoy it - even those who are out of town. Through Galada, I want to be a part of the story where people can taste the diversity of Indonesian food. The flavor I aim to bring from Galada is Indonesian comfort food that reminds people of their hometown so that Indonesian cuisine can be recognized worldwide,” Dennis explains.

Starting a business certainly has its own set of challenges. And as Dennis admits, includes menu innovations so that customers will stay curious and reorder from them. Luckily for Dennis, the friendly environment and good spiritual guidance he got at UPH has provided him with great support and resilience to continue striving for Indonesia. Continuous support from his family has also pushed Dennis to grow his business responsibly and be dependent on God.

“Studying at UPH has shaped who I am today, especially through my organizational experience at BEM-UPH. BEM-UPH has made my days more colorful and exciting, especially through the friends I've made - both on and off campus. Needless to say, I'm proud to be part of UPH," Dennis concluded with a light laugh.