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Juventia Vicky

Chief Commercial Officer of Hactiv8 Indonesia

Alumni stories
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Chief Commercial Officer of Hactiv8 Indonesia

Educating & Developing Potentials in the Field of Technology, Juventia Vicky Reaches Out Through Hacktiv8

The development of technology in Indonesia has experienced a huge leap these past two decades. And our need for reliable back-end developers are undeniable, especially with this rapid technological advancement. She is Juventia Vicky, UPH's Applied Communication Science alumni cohort 2007, who, among the many, is called to prepare beginners to become developers who are ready to work in the technology field. Vicky is trusted to coordinate admission, marketing, business, operations, and human resources departments and develop Hacktiv8 Indonesia, an online education program especially designed for this purpose. Vicky believes that one way to make an impact for a place (or even a country) is to focus on leadership development.

“For me personally, I believe that it is very important to understand the 'why' behind everything I do. By understanding the reasons why I do something, I will be able to sustainably motivate myself because I see the impact I can make for the future. The 'why' gives me the energy to achieve things that people see as impossible. With that said, my team and I does not only want to provide hard-skills for our students at Hacktiv8. We also want to see them have a transformational mindset so that in the end they will be motivated to maximize their potential too. We want them to understand their 'why' too - so at Hacktiv8, we have counselors to help students get to know themselves along the way,” Vicky explains.

For this Kalimantan born-and-raised lady, studying at UPH was a leap of faith. Getting out of her comfort zone is a huge decision to make, especially having to leave her family and live alone at a different city by her own. However, Vicky believes that education is an important factor that will help her to develop and have a better quality of life. Thus, choosing UPH was undoubtedly the best decision she's made.

“I learnt a lot at UPH, especially in terms of organization and leadership. Taking part in student organization activities available does not only train me to do my best or carry out an event until it is rightfully finished, but also how we help each other to grow, both individually and together as a team, with greater goals in mind. It was during those days when I was entrusted to be the chairman of the Department of Student Association (HMJ). Of course I refuse when my senior asked me to pursue the position at first - I wasn't the type of person who is skilled at public speaking, let alone to enjoy appearing in front of public. But I am grateful that she has not stopped convincing me that I am capable and will be equipped for this role. In fact, my lecturers also encouraged me. At that time, one of my lecturers said jokingly, 'If you don't take the chairman role, I won't to talk to you anymore,'" Vicky retells, a light laugh accompanies her story.