Alumni Stories

Heinz Wokas

Principal of SMA Dian Harapan Holland Village (HV) Manado & Head of School SDH HV

Alumni stories
Magister Teknologi Pendidikan
Principal of SMA Dian Harapan Holland Village (HV) Manado & Head of School SDH HV

Discipled to Disciple, Heinz Wokaz Fulfills His Calling as a Teacher & Mentor to His Students

Being a teacher means a life time commitment, for they do not only teach practical knowledge, but also in becoming a role model and friend for their students. This commitment is what Heinz Pearly Wokas, UPH's Alumnus to Master of Educational Technology cohort 2008, continues to live wholeheartedly, responsibly and persistently as he responds to God's calling.

“I consider myself to be highly blessed to have the opportunity to both study and work in an institution that really cares about their vision and mission. Yayasan Pelita Harapan (YPPH)'s vision and mission are in line with my personal vision and mission, thus not having too much difficulty in adjusting them with my calling. Moreover, I think as Christians we are privileged to be God's extension to reach out and educate students in truth. My current job allows me to do both things according to the love Christ has equipped me with,” Heinz, who currently serves as Principal of SMA Dian Harapan Holland Village (HV) Manado as well as Head of School SDH HV, explains.

Heinz chooses to continue his master's education at UPH as it started with an a full scholarship offer. Yet as time goes on, he became convinced that it was no coincidence that God put him to study at UPH. “Over time, I realized that I was purposely shaped to be a Christian teacher at UPH. As a Christian university UPH has made every effort to prepare its graduates to become agents of change in their respective fields of service. I'm further grateful for our lecturers: they are not only concerned with our competency development as a student, but also my life as a whole because I am disciple of Christ who needs to be discipled,” Heinz concluded.