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Head of Sales Operation and Product Management Mercedes-Benz Distribution Indonesia

Alumni stories
Head of Sales Operation and Product Management Mercedes-Benz Distribution Indonesia

Motivated by His Life Experience, Kariyanto Moves and Pursues His Career in Jakarta

Integrity, respect, discipline, leading by example, and willingness to go the extra mile - these are the five values that guides Kariyanto Hardjosemarto, alumnus to UPH's Management cohort 1995, in carrying out his responsibilities as Mercedes-Benz Distribution Indonesia's Head of Sales Operation and Product Management. This Magetan-born man's daily errand is occupied with determining which products to be marketed in Indonesia (which includes determining selling price, determining how much CBU and kits needs to be ordered, and distribution to all dealers in Indonesia); determining effective sales strategy for the upcoming year; ensuring that customers are satisfied with their vehicle purchasing experience; as well as ensuring that business partners or dealers operate accordingly to the predetermined standards.

Kerry – as he is commonly known among his colleagues – is used to facing various challenges in his work. He admits that the heaviest of them happened these past decade: transitioning to digitalization for its sales process, the emergence of electric vehicle, post-pandemic market conditions, and supply shortages due to the semiconductor crisis that occurred globaly – there is no easy way out from any of these. But Kerry has been willing to work on being a leader since his undergraduate education at UPH. Life has forged him to be as grounded as he is today “I came from a farming family in a remote village in East Java. My parents were vegetable traders from one market to another and none of us has ever thought about working as a professional in Jakarta. That condition actually motivated me to get the opportunity to study in Jakarta, in hopes that one day I can get a good career and bring a good example for our village back home,” Kerry explains, his voice filled with determination. Kerry managed to get a full scholarship from Lippo Group to study at UPH. And as he's admitted, he has never forgotten the memories of his education at UPH.

“The 4 years of studying at UPH have provided me with many interesting and memorable experiences, one of which is the close friendship we've built among students, be it our seniors or juniors - we were all involved as one big family: we collaborate hand in hand to make UPH known amongst Indonesia's higher education. Fun fact, UPH was the place where I took the elevator for the first time, received a birthday cake for the first time, and got into a luxury car (namely a Mercedes-Benz C180) owned by my friend for the first time too! I hope that UPH will continue to be a place of excellence, one that produces academically trustworthy graduates as much as their character is,” Kerry concluded.