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Steven Sutantro

Google Certified Coach at REFO & Partner Professional Development Google for Education in Indonesia

Alumni stories
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Google Certified Coach at REFO & Partner Professional Development Google for Education in Indonesia

Collaborating For A Better Education in Indonesia, Steven Sutantro Trains & Assist A Community of 4,000 Trainers

The saying that goes “if you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together”, is a principle adhered to by Steven Sutantro, Google Certified Coach at REFO, Partner Professional Development Google for Education in Indonesia. Steven, so is this Jakarta-born man called amongst his colleague, is Alumnus to UPH Teacher's College cohort 2007. Steven is currently entrusted to manage, train and mentor a community of 4,000 trainers, innovators & educators certified by Google for education in 34 provinces in Indonesia. Steven believes that collaboration between educators is highly important to provide a better education quality in Indonesia. But far more importantly, collaborating with the Ministry of Education and Culture is also integral to develop a better education module for students.

Steven also admits that his journey with REFO is still a long road to travel. He's talked to people and saw that there are many who doesn't have the mindset, experience, and digital skills needed for advancement. Yet, it doesn't stop Steven to fight. Inspired by the passion and impact in digital apps brought by digital startup founders, Steven continues to strive to provide training and assistance in order for Indonesian education to progress in the next decade.

The calling to transform education in Indonesia did not come from nowhere. It takes a good education curriculum as well as opportunities to collaborate with lecturers and fellow students in campus to equip Steven. For him, studying at UPH became an important stepping stone that sharpens his calling.

“The education I gained at UPH has provided a strong foundation for my life today. The leadership values ​​and relevant skills taught have shaped me and further helped me to become an impactful coach & teacher. UPH has also given me the opportunity to learn from lecturers who provide life examples, new perspectives, inspiring real experiences, and relevant skills needed to transform Indonesian education," Steven testifies.