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Sandra Rani

VP Sales for PT. Cempaka Kreasi Sekawan

Alumni stories
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VP Sales for PT. Cempaka Kreasi Sekawan

Working With Integrity, Sandra Rani Carrying Out Responsibilities As VP Sales of PT. Cempaka Kreasi Sekawan

Sandra Rani Juwita, UPH's Applied Communication Science alumnus cohort 2003, is currently PT. Cempaka Kreasi Sekawan's VP Sales, parent company of Artisan Professionnel and Mercredi Beaute, two local beauty brands providing eyelash and cosmetic products to major cities throughout Indonesia. With the tight market competition on both online and offline stores, Sandra works relentlessly to come up with creative product marketing in order for both Artisan Professionnel and Mercredi Beaute to receive the awareness it deserves as well as for these two brands to marketed evenly in Indonesia. “I am very grateful to have the opportunity to take part in this company's growth, especially to see each individual growing both in terms of career and welfare. All of us - founders and team members alike - took part to reach the point we are today: to be widely accepted and used by renowned local and international makeup artists. Their energy and support motivates me to keep on striving in my responsibilities,” Sandra admits. Sandra believes that where she is today in her career is influenced by the decisions she's made in the past, and it includes her decision to study at UPH. For Sandra, UPH has equipped her beyond practical knowledge, but also values ​​to live by - including to strive for progress, growth, keeping integrity at all times, as well as a supportive community that continues to encourage her to become a servant leader. “I will always remember the friends whom I met in student organizations who, until this very day, still holds on to integrity and other positive values ​​in life. They are the people who supports and encourage each other both academically, socially and spiritually. When we're all busy doing project to the point of lack of sleep, we'd support each other. When we're all busy trying to gather funds for our events, we'd support each other some more. And when one undergoes throu family problems, we'll try to provide comfort. Not to mention our lecturers too! I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to be taught by caring lecturers. During my thesis mentorship, my academic advisors are not only very open to academic discussions, but also for life advice that are very insightful for my future. They did not only teach, but also providing moral guidance, ethics, as well as inspiring their students to become future leaders,” Sandra reminiscenses, a sweet smile emerges on her face.