Alumni Stories

David Widyanto

Co-Founder of Axocraft & Part-time Lecturer for Product Design UPH

Alumni stories
Desain Produk & Magister Teknik Industri

Co-Founder of Axocraft & Part-time Lecturer for Product Design UPH

David Widyanto, UPH's Product Design Alumni Who Constantly Challenges Himself to Get Out of His Comfort Zone

“One of the most memorable experiences I've had at UPH was during Product Design workshop, building something from purely raw materials has its own satisfaction - one that can't be put into. Although I have got to be honest: all that fun has to be paid with holes on your shirt from welding splashes and sawdust scent on your body even after 48 hours of the event,” David says, a light laughter accompanied his story. David Widyanto, UPH's Product Design Alumnus cohort 2002 as well as Masters in Industrial Engineering cohort 2009, is not only contributing to the society through teaching for UPH Product Design, but also in charge of Axocraft's product development and operational – a workshop that provides small-scale production and consulting services David and his colleagues pioneered in 2013. David admits that from time to time, he had to be in charge of Axocraft's administration, accounting, and marketing. These three elements, when combined with background education in Product Design and Industrial Engineering, brings challenges unimaginable. However, with great interest and thirst in learning, David stood up to his responsibilities and keeps growing in the field of his career. To David, UPH has not only been the place for him to gain knowledge, but also a place that has forged him into a servant leader. David believes that with the right support system, he will be able to continue giving impact to those around him. “For me, UPH is like my second home - or more like my second office because I still spend my time to teach here. And since my education days at UPH, I have witnessed how UPH's vision and mission has given birth to leaders and I have never doubted UPH's ability in this regard,” concluded David.