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Mariska Makmud

Regional Human Capital Business Partner (HCBP) at Siloam Hospitals Group

Alumni stories
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Regional Human Capital Business Partner (HCBP) at Siloam Hospitals Group

Mariska Makmud, Siloam Hospitals Group Regional Human Capital Business Partner Continues to Sharpen Her Strategic Thinking Skills

Working remotely certainly presents its own challenges for Mariska Makmud, UPH's International Relations Alumni cohort 2006 and Masters in Management cohort 2011. Since mid-2007, Mariska – so is this Jakarta-born lady commonly known amongst her colleagues – has worked for Siloam Hospitals Group and is currently entrusted the responsibilities of being Siloam's Regional Human Capital Business Partner (HCBP) Kalimantan and Sulawesi. As if working remotely is not challenging enough, Mariska is also expected to be Siloam's regional and hospital unit leaders' business partner, providing input for human capital policies and procedures implementations, as well as required to make various improvements to achieve operational excellence in Siloam's human capital division. Regardless of the tall order, Mariska proceeds to strive for the best and sharpens her skills in strategic thinking for her work purposes. “Personally, I highly respect professionalism and integrity when it comes to work. I believe that in order to excel at work, I myself have must be an example in order for them to work in accordance with the right values. Plus, I believe empathy and caring are also important. I want to be able to appreciate everyone's strengths and weaknesses in order for me to help them develop so that wherever they are called to serve, they will be able to provide the best service for everyone, regardless of our respective position," Mariska explains. Mariska has never regretted her decision to continue her education at UPH, both for her undergraduate and masters degree. She believes that UPH is not only the right place to learn and grow, but also to experience mentorship with lecturers who are experts in their field. “My lecturers have had their fair share of experience in their work. They share valuable insights from those years of serving and their willingness to guide and facilitate students to grow are two of the many reasons I returned to continue my master's education at UPH. I pray that UPH will always be the best place to learn and grow for its students,” Mariska concluded.