Legalized Transcript & Certificate
If you want to do the legalizing application by yourself, here are some information about self services:
1. Go to Building A 3rd Floor (Academic Office).
2. Fill the form that provided and come back after two days to take your document.
*This service is free of charge
Hi Alumni, for those who want to legalize transcript and certificate (max 5 sets each time), now we provide legalized transcript and certificate service.
1.  Please download the power of attorney form,      Fill and sign the form
2.  Please kindly send us:
  • The power of attorney form
  • A clear picture of scanned or photo of your original transcript & certificate
  • The purpose of legalizing (write down in your email)
  • Payment transfer to CIMB Niaga: a/n: YUPH, account no: 800-11-6870-900 and send the payment receipt for validation to
    • 100.000 IDR (pick up your document at UPH Alumni Center, Building C 1st Floor)
    • 150.000 IDR (Include the delivery service whole over Indonesia)  
*Notes: For those who would like to have unofficial transcript (English or Indonesian version), please note that there will be an additional fee 15.000 IDR (Transfer to CIMB Niaga: a/n: YUPH, account no: 800-11-2956-600) to print out the Transcript.
This service will take approximately 2 more business days to get done.

We serve you on Monday - Friday during office hour from 09.00 AM - 12.00 PM and 01.00 PM - 03.00 PM.
The process of this service takes 5 business days. Once the documents are ready, you will be notified by email.
For more information, please kindly contact Alumni Center.
Telephone : 021 - 5460901 ext. 2534 / 2535
Facebook : UPH Alumni Center
Twitter : @UPHalumnicenter
If you want to legalize your document, please bring copy of your Certificate and Transcript to STPPH Building D, 3rd floor (max 5 sets each time). The process of this service takes 3 days.
For further information, please kindly contact STPPH Office 021 - 5460901 ext. 1227
If you want to legalize your document, please bring your original Certificate and Transcript to ADAK Semanggi 16th floor (max 5 sets each time). Legalize fee: 20.000 IDR.
For further information, please kindly contact ADAK Semanggi 021 - 25535168.