05 February 2016
Business Law Newsletter, 30 January 2016
Business Law Newsletter, 30 January 2016


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Newsletter | Saturday - January 30th, 2016 | #ISSUE NO.XXXXV
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FH Senate’s First 100 Days

The first 100 days of the FH Senate under the leadership of Sekar Djolanda and Josua Nehemia Nauw have been a source of inspiration for the entire faculty as it pushes forward to grow as an academic family in 2016. Febriantoro Suardy (FH 2014) describes the Senate’s programs in 2015 as excellent and beneficial and as instrumental in uniting the law student body, from the “Alumni Back to Campus” workshop, different study tours, and to the Suara Senja discussion and other programs. The FH Senate has lined up more excellent activities this year including the Dr. Mochtar Riady Legal Fair 2016, Justitia Cup 2016, and the Tanpanama. The FH Senate expresses its gratitude to the university and faculty leadership and the law students for their cooperation and support. Sekar Djolanda encourages everyone to continue being part of the FH family by keeping the spirit of cooperation and unity. Pro Justitia!



The Debate and Research Community (DARE) held another MACAN KUMBANG (Malam Canda Kumpul Bareng) / Gathering Night on 22-25 January 2016 at the Sangkan Resort Aqua Park, West Java. The gathering was participated by all DARE members, and was supervised by faculty members Dwi Putra Nugraha, SH., MH. and Yosephus Mainake, SH., MH. The main event of the gathering was the inauguration of new members who were selected from the last Internal Debate Competition. Since it was formed in 2013, the DARE has become a place for students not only to improve skills of debate and research but form networks. MACAN KUMBANG is an annual DARE event which aims to strengthen bonds among its members.


CLSF Caring Community 2016

This 2016, the UPH Christian Law Students Fellowship (CLSF) plans to organize more events in order to fulfill its vision of pastoring law students to become better Christians serving in the legal profession. Its biggest event this year is the CLSF Caring Community 2016, a fellowship that will be held this February, which will be facilitated by the UPH Chaplain Office under Mr. Albert Moore, and will consist of a friendly gathering with praise and worship, sermons, and games. Students from all faculties of UPH are welcome to join this event. UPH Law School Dean Prof. Dr. Bintan Saragih S.H, Director Velliana Tanaya S.H, M.H and Head of Department Vincensia Esti S.H, M.Hum are expected to attend this event. For more information, kindly contact Esther Roseline at ster7net@yahoo.com.


UPH Wins in Liga Mahasiswa (LIMA) Basketball League

After hours of practice and months of tiresome efforts, the UPH men and women basketball teams have won several positions in the LIMA Basketball League. In 20 December 2015, the men’s basketball team competed against Universitas Esa Unggul (UEU) in the final and prevailed winning by a margin of 27 points at 79 points for UPH. The women’s basketball team performance was also impressive as runner up of the league.


UPH Industrial Engineering Faculty Implements Developing Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Life Cycle Assessment is a fundamental measurement of sustainability metrics employed by the Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH). This is UPH’s contribution to research development via its cooperation with Pusat Standardisasi Lingkungan dan Kehutanan-KLHK, Pusat Penelitian Kimia-LIPI. In this regard, UPH representatives participated in the PT Sucofindo workshop in November 2015 with the theme “Observation of Life Cycle Assessment in State/Private/Research University in Indonesia” at Gedung Widya Bhakti, Tangerang. International experts including Ir. Noer Adi Wardojo, M.Sc, of the Forestry and Ecosystem Ministry (Indonesia), Dr. Cécile Bessou from CIRAD (France), Prof. Shabbir Gheewala from King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (Thailand), and Assoc. Prof. Yasuhiro Fukushima from Tohoku University (Japan) spoke on best research practices. The workshop was intended to strengthen the network o


Read More: http://www.uph.edu/id/component/wmnews/new/2584-teknik-industri-uph-ambil-bagian-dalam-sosialisasi-program-life-cycle-assessment-lca.html

UPH Explores Cooperation with University of Waterloo

On January 13, 2016, UPH’s Department of Applied Mathematics, Faculty of Science and Technology (FAST) received a visit from representatives of the University of Waterloo (UW). This visit is part of the implementation of Risk Management Economic Sustainability and Actuarial Science Development in Indonesia (READI) Project. Department of Applied Mathematics UPH has offered an actuarial specialization program since 2005. This cooperation with the University of Waterloo will strengthen the quality of UPH’s actuarial specialization program. This visit is with the support of the Canadian government


Read More: http://www.uph.edu/component/wmnews/new/2578-university-of-waterloo,-canada-jajaki-kerjasama-dalam-bidang-aktuaria-dengan-universitas-pelita-harapan-2.html

PHPC "Travel Log" Photography Exhibition

The Pelita Harapan Photography Club held its "Travel Log" exhibit located in the Gallery of Building B during the first week of January. Art lovers enjoyed the exhibit which consisted of 50 photos selected from more than 180 entries. PHPC is a club for UPH students who love photography. There is no specific requirement for members who wish to join and experience knowledge sharing knowledge of anything and everything to know about this art.


Read More: http://www.uph.edu/component/wmnews/new/2580-pelita-harapan-photography-club-phpc-held-travel-log-photography-exhibition.html


Government to Finish Revision of Negative-Investment List by End of January

In an attempt to appease investors, boost the flow of economy and ease the implementation of the ASEAN Economic Community, the Indonesian Government has decided to revise the negative-investment list. The current state of the list includes 700 commodities, sanctified under Presidential Regulation No. 39 of 2014 on the List of Business Fields that are Closed and Conditionally Open for Investment. This move is part of President Widodo’s directive to offer protection for businesses of all scales.


Read More: http://en.hukumonline.com/pages/lt56975ff08350e/govt-to-finish-revision-of-negative-investment-list-by-end-of-january

BKPM to Open up Seven Business Fields to 100% Foreign Investment

The steps taken to revise and implement the Negative-Investment list has lead the Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) to prepare the opening of seven business fields within the tourism and sports sectors to foreign direct investment. This move was decided after the BKPM processed more than 400 suggestions from stakeholders, ministries and relevant technical institutions. The seven business fields in question are: restaurants, bars, cafes, and four businesses relating to sporting facilities. This means that these businesses will no longer be restricted to the 49% or 51% foreign ownership threshold. In addition, four businesses (catering, golf courses, meeting, incentives, conferencing and exhibition facilities) will be open to 70% foreign ownership, and 14 other businesses will open up to 67% foreign ownership. BKPM strongly hopes that the new and revised Negative-Investment list will be finalized and announced by April this year.


Read More: http://en.hukumonline.com/pages/lt56a1e993282b0/bkpm-to-open-up-seven-business-fields-to-100-foreign-investment

Government Sets out Provisions for the Securing of Clean-and-Clear Status for Mining Companies

The Minister Regulation No. 43 of 2015 on the Evaluation Procedure for the Issuance of Minerals and Coal-Mining Licenses was issued in December 2015. The regulation clarifies provisions relating to the Clean and Clear (CnC) status which must be secured by mining companies as required by Law No. 9 of 2015. The governor is now authorized to review the CnC status or to revoke the Mining Business License (Izin Usaha Pertambangan – IUP) of any mining company within their jurisdiction. To secure CnC status, the Regulation sets out two criteria in Art.5(2) which are to submit an IUP application or a mining-concession amendment, and ramping up the exploration stage to the exploitation phase.


Read More: http://en.hukumonline.com/pages/lt5698f7bd1fc7f/govt-sets-out-provisions-for-the-securing-of-clean-and-clear-status-for-mining-companies

High Speed Rail Line Indonesia Planned

Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has ambitious plans to improve Indonesia's infrastructure to boost manufacturing and to create hundreds of thousands of new jobs. Indonesia broke ground Thursday on a joint project with China to build Southeast Asia's first high speed rail service linking the Indonesian capital Jakarta with Bandung in western Java. The 142.3 kilometer (88.4 mile) railway worth $5.5 billion is being constructed by PT Kereta Cepat Indonesia-China, a joint venture between an Indonesian consortium of four state-owned companies and China Railway International Co. Ltd. Jokowi said not using the state budget for the rail project in heavily populated Java meant money wasn't taken away from infrastructure projects in other parts of Indonesia. China agreed to complete railway without using Indonesian government money or requiring a government guarantee for loans. The trains are expected start operating in early 2019 with speeds of 250 kilometers (155 miles) an hour, and a fare of about $16 for a journey of about 40 minutes. The existing trains to Bandung, the capital of West Java province, take about three hours and cost about $8.


Chevron To Terminate Indonesia Oil and Gas Block Operations

Chevron will not extend its contract to operate the East Kalimantan oil and gas block in Indonesia as plunging crude prices hit producers around the world. The decision is the latest in a string of production curbs and asset cuts by oil and gas companies in Indonesia. Elan Biantoro, a spokesman for Indonesia's upstream oil and gas regulator (SKK Migas), said the government was aware of Chevron's decision to relinquish the East Kalimantan block. The government is reviewing whether to tender the block again or to hand it to state-owned energy giant, Pertamina [PERTM.UL], Biantoro said. Risks energy investors face in Indonesia have been highlighted by a more than seven-year tussle over the future of the country's Mahakam block, its top gas-producing field currently operated by Total, as nationalistic elements are pushing for energy assets to be handed to Pertamina.


Legal Aid and Advisory Institution (LKBH)
The LKBH is the legal aid unit of the UPH Law School that assists socially and economically disadvantaged parties seeking legal services. LKBH lawyers and consultants provide legal advice and represent parties in criminal and civil cases before judicial courts and administrative bodies. For more information, please contact the head of LKBH Dr. Jamin Ginting atjaminginting@yahoo.com or Ms. Christine Susanti atchrislosant@yahoo.com.
Link: http://law.uph.edu/lkbh/35-about-lkbh.html

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