05 September 2015
UPH Held Gathering with Companies in Multipolar Group
In order to increase the synergy between Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) and the companies in Multipolar Group, UPH, through the Alumni Department and Corporate Relations held Company Gathering

Nursari Dewi Lugito presented Alumni and Corporate program


In order to increase the synergy between Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) and the companies in Multipolar Group, UPH, through the Alumni Department and Corporate Relations held Company Gathering on Friday, September 4, 2015, at HOPE Building 1st floor. 18 personnel attended this event from 6 companies such as PT Visionet, PT Prima Cipta Lestari, Multipolar MPPA (Matahari Putra Prima Tbk), Books & Beyond and Nobu Bank. On behalf of UPH, Budi Legowo, Vice Rector in Marketing Department, External Affairs and Business Development, Nursari Dewi Lugito, Director of Alumni and Corporate Relations, and the directors of faculties.


Opening the event, Budi Legowo, Vice Rector, delivered his hope that the event could increase the synergy between UPH and the companies that hire UPH graduates. Moreover, Nursari presented alumni and corporates program as well as the partnership opportunity for corporate. “Currently we have 25.000 alumni spread in many places, both domestic and abroad. For the alumni, we have several programs such as Alumni Business Network  (ABN), Alumni Professional Network (APN), Alumni Card, Alumni Golf Competition and Alumni Homecoming. The companies may participate on those programs as sponsor, co-branding, and other marketing programs. Meanwhile, for our corporate partners, we have several programs as well such as Human Resources (HR) Gathering, On Campus Recruitment (OCR), Company Visit, Career Expo, Job Posting and internship program. Of course we hope that these programs can be used well by the corporate and UPH faculties,” Nursari shared.



MPPA representation and Faculty Directors shared informations

  Danny Kojongian (standing) gave his opinion to UPH



Dwi Linawari, Multipolar:

“We are really helped with the job fair program by UPH. Currently there have been some graduates who joined us and we treat them like a family because basically they have known our company quite well. Some students also participated on our internship program. The program made by UPH is very good to facilitate and connect the company with university, because the process of searching for employee is not a piece of cake.”


Benny Bernadus, MPPA:

“In MPPA, there have been several UPH alumni that joined and they generally have the competency, logical thinking, and work readiness. But they are lacking of fighting spirit. In our company, internship program is designed to shape the students to get to know work life and its socialites. Thus, we do not want the intern students to only have data or value. This needs to be planted to the students so that the purpose of internship achieved.”


“Danny Kojongian, MPPA:

The fundamentals of the graduates need to be prepared well to enter work life, because if they are not ready in mental and interpersonal skill, they will be shocked. It takes an interpersonal skill and attitude to enter the real world. This is why we need the important role of this department to synchronize between academic world and real world.”


Situation of hospitality and lunch together

Lania, MPPA:

“The interests of UPH alumni to retail business are still lacking, shown by how less the number of alumni hired by us. It might be because of the perception of retail business as the company which deal with small businesses, many field job, job placement in other cities, and position in operational department are not interesting to UPH graduates. Whereas, we have the Management Training (MT) program that is designed well with interesting career path. Thus, UPH needs to increase the socialization program to the prospective graduates about various profession fields to broaden their knowledge.”


The event is executed periodically twice a year inviting partner companies of UPH. This program received positive responses. There was also suggestion to hold a meeting for each faculty to be focused on the graduates profiles based on their faculty. (rh/nn)


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