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Universitas Pelita Harapan Karawaci

& Semanggi

• Siblings & cousins program*

   (get10% disc of admission fee)

• Postgraduate program

   (Free admission fee for Alumni)


* Terms and Conditions Applied



• Now you can enjoy wifi around our

   lovely campus. Get the username

   and password by showing your

   Alumni Card to our Alumni Relations.




UPH College Karawaci
• Special Enrollment Fee for the
   relatives of UPH Alumni
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The Johannes Oentoro Library

• Free entrance university library

   privileges (lounge, read books)

• Contact: 021-5460901

   ext. 1370, 1382 or visit

   Library's Website

UPH Sports
• Free entrance: every Saturday
   09 am - 12 pm
• Contact: 021 - 5460901 ext. 1179
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